A) What is P.A.L.?

Put simply, in P.A.L represents “Performance” “Appearance” and “Longevity”. As your computer becomes dirtier, the affect on the above increases. This is more so with internal components. We can therefore help you to extend the life of your computer equipment much longer than it might be guaranteed for.

B) What affects Performance?

Computers rely on their fans to keep the internal mechanism cool. If these become too hot, they will not operate as efficiently. In short, your system will run more slowly. Why is this? Put simply, your fan does a very good job at keeping the internal components cool, but it also contributes to the problem by sucking in all the dust and dirt which we wish to avoid! The dust and dirt form a 'blanket' over the components thereby 'insulating' them.

C) What is E.S.D?

This is defined as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
Within today’s electronics industry, it is widely accepted that ESD events are a significant cause of device or component failure and that implementing static control measures is not only desirable but essential. Damage from ESD has been estimated at several thousand million pounds per annum (worldwide). However, while the cost of having static control measures can be high, the return on investment certainly does justify the implementation of such measures.

D) Reasons why should clean your computer?

The 10 most basic reasons why:-

1.Sticky keyboard
2.Hard to read monitor
3.Slow processor
4.Poor mouse tracking
5.CD hard to read
6.Floppy drive hard to read
7.Shortens length of life of PC (overheating, etc)
8.Dirty scanners/faxes, etc, affect quality of images
9.Uneven dust on fans can unbalance them and cause them to make more noise
10.Makes hardware look great

The Technical reasons are:-

1.Dust coating the motherboard prevents it from dissipating heat efficiently, which leads to higher system temperatures
2.When fans blow air into your computer, they suck in any ambient dust particles as well.
3.Some dust can get caught on the fan blades or on the frame of the fan itself and on the fan grills.
4.Dust here [on the fan and heatsink] can hamper heat transfer and can result in higher CPU temperatures
5.Regular Technical Cleaning of Computer Equipment has been proven to increase the life of the equipment. Can save money by reducing equipment downtime.
6.Proper and Safe Cleaning reduces the chance of damage to electronic components and loss of hard-drive information due to static build-up.
7.Filters for the fans can reduce dust build up, but they can also reduce airflow, which is the reason the fans are there in the first place.
8.The types of dust and dirt that gets sucked into your computer or can affect from working properly, includes - static attracting dust, smoke particles, pet hairs, skin flakes, skin oils, foodstuffs (inc. drink)
9.The results following an initial clean are spectacular. On appearance alone the computers look more valuable, more up-to-date, more professional, a more worthwhile and prestigious investment and more of a pleasure to use.

Why should you be worried about (computer) Germs?

Computers are one of the least often cleaned items in any home or office environment and yet it is probably the item that would benefit most from a regular clean. In particular, computers can harbour germs.

A little while back (5th August 2005) the Financial Times ran a story called “Dirty Work” by Sathnam Sanghera, where it asked “Which is cleaner, your keyboard or the toilet seat?”

This Financial Times reporter wrote an article which showed without a shadow of a doubt, that your toilet seat could be cleaner than the keyboard you are using now.