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Our Philosophy is to provide the highest quality of service to meet your specific needs and individual requirements at competitive prices, with lasting guarantees.

We are the modern experts on Computer Cleaning!

As experts, we believe that regular computer cleaning is at the heart of all preventative maintenance service in the IT industry. Research shows that office equipment, including computer work stations, is capable of picking up millions of microbes of bacteria more than toilets. Office equipment should be regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria responsible for diseases.

For instance, a desk alone is capable of supporting 100 million microbes and the average office contains 20,961 microbes per sq inch, according to international microbiologists.
(Source: BBC News, 12th March 2004)

We at KLEEN IT are aware that computers attract up to 20% of dirt because of the electromagnetic energy produced inside it. Once inside, the build up of dirt impairs the effective heat dissipation which can lead to overheating and failure. To prevent this, computers must be clean inside too.

Eating and drinking at the desk can leave debris and cause spillage. Ink marks and adhesive residue are unsightly. A quick wipe of the computer screen and the occasional emergency operation on the keyboard and mouse does nothing to address these underlying problems. Hygiene, Preventative Maintenance, Health & Safety and Company image do matter very much!